The Affects of Weather on Mood

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  • Published : March 15, 2012
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The Effects of Weather on Our Mood
Often we hear people talking about how weather affects their activities and eventually their moods. We do not need to be meteorologist nor psychologist to realize that there is a link between weather and mood. With prevalent studies and valuable research, many seem to think that the link is merely the fact that weather gives people insight into the views about life and how to understand them. Researchers found that the two types of important variables to determine if weather affects mood are how much time is spent outside and what season it is (University of Michigan). However, it is unmistakably evident that the weather significantly affects our mood. As with any change in weather our mood is affected positively or negatively; however, it is a proven fact that sunny weather makes people happy, rainy weather makes people depressed, and extreme weather causes agony.

The sun is noted to be a sign of a beautiful day. Some research states that warm weather has a positive and encouraging effect to mental health. Researchers also believe that with new environments that are provided when people take trips and vacations during warm weather comes an atmosphere which creates a wonderful aura and provide relaxation time. People who spend time outside in the sunshine are likely to find themselves measurably happier, the optimal dose of sunshine is one-half hour per day (Aaronson 27). The brightness of the sun makes people feel energetic and ready to accomplish things. Warm, pleasant, and fair weather makes people smile and want to go outside and have fun. “Being outside in pleasant weather really offers a way to reset your mind set” (qtd. in Keller). Moods generally rise with temperatures, but only in the spring, because people savor the sun after months of deprivation in the winter (Aaronson 27).

It is unsurprisingly obvious that rainy weather makes people depressed. A cloudy or rainy day makes people feel gloom and lazy....
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