The Affects of Video Games on Children

Topics: Video game, Mind, Video game culture Pages: 4 (1653 words) Published: May 27, 2011
Roemello Neal
English 6
3 May 2011
The effects of video games on children
Do video games really affect the parts of a child brain? “The most widely used positive impact video games are said to have on children is that they may improve a player’s manual dexterity and computer literacy” (Norcia, Andrea 1). This is confirming that video games can help people with poor manual dexterity skills. My opinion is that adults should not blame aggression of children on specific gadgets such as video games. Video games should be amplified more now than ever and they affect kids negative by turning their focus off school. In opinion violent video games do not affect kids unless they are ignorant. Video games are very helpful despite the aggression it amplifies. My statement on this subject is that video games affect the United States children and adolescence but the people that play these video games believe people perceive the concept of gaming wrong. Do video games only affect kids that are susceptible to the function and emotions of the video game or is it the person themselves. People have perceived also that video games can have a negative effect on a kid’s social development but in my opinion believe that children function quite well socially for a people who interact with video games. Do you really believe that video games actually affect the parts of a child’s brain development? Do you think that the G.P.A of a child that plays video games is lower than one that does not? “It’s believed even though video games have advantages they play have negative effects on children” (Deepa Kartha 16) . The developments of people that play video games are as correctly intuitive as people who fraternize in different hobbies. Parents believe that it can affect a teenagers work if there to focused on the video games and not on the schoolwork. Game fanatic teenagers actually can focus more in school because it keeps there mind set of the...
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