The Affects of Emotions on Job Satisfaction and Commitment in the Workplace

Topics: Employment, Emotion, Feeling Pages: 3 (959 words) Published: December 5, 2010
The Affects of Emotions on Job Satisfaction and Commitment in the Workplace

​The workplace is an environment filled with all kinds of people and personalities that come together and work for a common goal. Since it is rare that two people will have the same personality types, workers will always have different ways to solving problems and finding methods to complete tasks. Whether workers express how they are feeling openly or keep to themselves, emotions have an effect on job satisfaction and commitment. Both positive and negative emotions will affect how a person will describe their satisfaction with their job (Fisher 185). Depending on their emotions, workers will either be more committed at the workplace or less committed, and this could change daily.

​Sometimes, emotions can affect a workers commitment while on the job; a worker could have other things running through their mind and might not be as focused as they should be. Even though some emotions affect their commitment in the workplace, it is their emotions that are caused by things outside the workplace that affect their performance in the workplace. A worker could have carryover stressors that arise from problems at home andthose stressors are brought with them into the workplace (Schieman, McBrier and Van Gundy 138). Some daysemployees might be angry because they have so many things to do and not have enough time to do it, or worried about something or someone.

When employees do allow their emotions that arousefrom home to affect them while they are at work, doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t going to work, it simply means that they will not be as focused because it is affecting their work-role (Schieman, McBrier and Van Gundy 138). This isn’t hard to understand either because as more and more women are joining the work force every day, many families have to share the household roles, as each has their own work roles as well. This means that men as well as women, have a larger amount...
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