The Affects of Electronic Communication on Me, My Family and Society

Topics: Telephone, Mobile phone, Internet Pages: 8 (3262 words) Published: March 20, 2012
In this task I am going to write a report on the effects of electronic communication on me, my family and the society. I will extend my report by giving a clear explanation that includes society in general, i.e. people and situations outside of my normal experience (i.e. business). I will also include in this report the people that do not have access to electronic communication. Uses of electronic communication at home (within my experience) Computers/Laptops

Computers and Laptops are both common communication items at most people’s households. There are many communication features as well as software on a laptop and computer which are helpful in a day to day lifestyle. I use my laptop a lot to complete various pieces of coursework. One of the main programs I use is the word processing packages. Using this software I can save, edit text and print many documents. Without my laptop I would have to write out each piece of coursework for a draft version and then again for my final version. This would be very time consuming. Using my laptop I can type up my draft version and then edit that version to produce my final copy. I can easily click print to have a hard copy of my work. Another useful function of the word processing package is the fact that it automatically show me if I have any spelling errors or grammatical error. One type of error which word cannot identify is homophone or apostrophe errors. There is also the synonym function. This function gives a selection of words with a similar or same meaning. Computers and Laptops have made coursework more accurate because of the spell check and grammatical function as well as it is made much neater compared to a hand-written piece of work. If I was to handwrite my work then I would have to cross out any errors I made. This would make my work messy and therefore the presentation of my work wouldn’t be presentable. There are many other programs which I use on my laptop which include; spreadsheets, publishers, local databases etc. Each of these programs has its own special features. Internet

I use the internet for researching various aspects for my work and coursework, communicating with friends and family via e-mail, facebook and msn. It is also useful for checking cinema listings, train timings, television programme schedules etc. I used the internet for the research of my coursework. I am an A-level student and have a lot to research for my courses hence I need to carry out my study over the internet. A lot of the courses I study at college require relevant research and information therefore I need electronic communication so I can have access to the related information. If I did not have access to the internet at home then I would have to make alternate arrangements so I could access the information. These arrangements would either be the library or a friend or relatives house. This could become inconvenient as if I had to go to the library I would have to be wary of the timings or if I had to go to a friend’s house I would have to make sure they are home or available. I will soon be applying for university and hence will need to research into career prospects and courses that I would like to do at university. Also I will have to fill in the online UCAS application to ensure I have a place in university. The new online process is very effective as once the form has been submitted I would be able to track my application to see which universities have offered me a place. If I had to send my application via mail then there would be chances of the letter being lost or undelivered. The online process guarantee’s that the universities have received my application. I also use the online banking service which most banks offer. This is so I can access details of my account using electronic communication. This service is very useful as I can handle my accounts while sitting at home instead of having to go to the bank. Through electronic communication I am able to do...
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