The Affect of Social Class on Planning

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  • Published : April 19, 2009
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Social class is a set of people who are considered nearly equal in status or Community esteem, who regularly socializes among themselves both formally and informally, and who share behavioral norms. There are three main structure of the social class and there are many substructure of the social class. The social class starts with upper class, middle class, and lower class. Most American defines themselves as middle class American, no matter of their education or income. Social class is often measured between the combinations of occupation, income, education, wealth and other variables. Many planners and marketers are interested in social class for two main reasons. One reason is social class often indicates which medium to use for advertising and the second reason is knowing what product appeal to which social classes can help marketers determine where to best distribute their products. Hence, why social class affect planning so much and why marketers must adjust marketing to meet the social influences, individual influences and psychological influences of social class when planning for a new restaurant.

The social influences on social class usually reduces consumer search and evaluation or uncertainty, especially as a perceived risk of decision due to the use of product or products or brands so one can identify with or become a member of a group. The activities, values, and goals or reference groups directly influence social class. For anyone planning to opening up a restaurant, they must look at the reference groups because of three important factors (1) they serve as information sources and influence perceptions, (2) they affect an individual aspirations levels (3) their normal either constrains or stimulates consumer’s behavior. Understanding the effect of the social class on product is important for the planner as they track the life cycle of their new restaurant. The planner of...
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