The Affect of Industrialization and Urbanization After Civil War

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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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The industrialization and urbanization after civil war had affected the different classes of American's living in many ways. After the civil war, many factory move to the big cities. The population of cities grew. People come to cities looking for work and opportunities. Immigrants and their family are the major source of urban population growth. They come mostly from Europe area.

The idustrialization of the cities created many job opportunities. Factorys requies hard work. This is where the working class come from. Worker works most of their life, and get little pay. Workers were not very educated. Working class are different from middle and upper class. Working class is the lowest of all. Working class lives in a tenement with other fmailys. Tenement was build to maximize the use of space. Working class shares tenement because they are cheaper. Working class keep their home close to workplace due to the lack of transportation and money. Women and children are put to work, everyone in the family needed to work for living. The workplace should be in a walking distance. Working class often do not have any education. Workers work for longer hours and more likely to get injuries. Working conditions were also horrible.

The standard of living climbed, because of the growth of industry. People started to get pay more and improve on their living. The rapid urbanization caused transportation improvement. Subway and electric streetcars are created. Public transportation allows worker to move away from the city center. The cost of living is cheaper than it was. Middle class are make out of 30% of the population. Middle class get higher wages than working class. Middle class can allow women and children stay home and get educated, whereas working class needs everyone to work just to pay for living. Middle class also work less hours and work in a better place. Chilren get toys and education. Middle class also teaches their children manner.

Upper class is only...
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