The Aesthetic Point of View

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  • Published : March 18, 2011
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the world of artistic expressions has traveled many theories and philosophies regarding the beauty in our cognition of the art world. Art theories and philosophies still grows exponentially in inclusion of all the elements the twenty-first century’s technologically advanced progress brings. So when a creation is judged, how is the assessment of aesthetics justly endorsed as a valuable addition to the art world or as a figment of artistic attempt?

The quest to substantiate aesthetics assessment has given birth to many philosophies in this field. This attempt has been dissected into multiple criteria such aesthetic concepts, aesthetic enjoyment, aesthetic experience, aesthetic value, etc. According to Beardsley, multiple points of view represent different value centered subjectivity. Beardsley with his flair in being open to including constructive criticism poses questions to his own definitions concerning the capacity-definition and he draws three problems with specific adjustments; the problem of falsification, the problem of illusion and the problem of devaluation. The problem of falsification leaves room for negative judgments to capitalize not absence of little value but great value in a work of proposed art. His vivid example of being under the influence of an intoxicated substance could alter the correct way of experiencing a work of art makes the point clear. ‘’But how can we explain the lowering of an aesthetic evaluation and still maintain that these evaluations are capacity-judgments?’ asked Beardsley. This quotation refers to mood of critical thinking in his passages. The problem of devaluation captures the shift in ‘our value grades’ that is largely caused by enlargement of our experiences. So this ‘belated recognition’ opens an internalized evaluation of the grades and understanding of it. The Aesthetic Value ‘‘The aesthetic value of an object is the value it possesses in virtue of its capacity to...
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