The Advocate

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  • Published : January 11, 2012
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ENFP – The Advocate
[E – Extraversion, N – Intuition, F – Feeling, P – Perception] Description
I am full of potential and enthusiasm. I have a naturally tendency for motivating others. Usually, I get very excited about things. I see life as a wonderful gift and am always striving to make the most of it. I am typically brimming with energy. I like to help people and be appreciated by them at the same time. I am the type known for being quite outgoing and warm in nature and posses excellent people skills, I attract almost everyone. I am passionate about participating firsthand in all social events that take place around them. Due to their excellent inspirational and people skills, ENFPs prove to be charismatic leaders. They have the capability to help people see beyond the current realities. While functioning as a leader, they are extremely good at evaluating the needs of their followers. Their strength lies in their quality of genuinely liking people. One of the most distinguishable personality traits of an ENFP is that they are adept at intuitively understanding people within a short span of time. This is what makes an ENFP easily relate to other people on their own personal level. Another interesting thing to note about ENFPs is that live in a world of stimulating possibilities. They have the gift of the gab for getting what they want. Due to their strong sense of values, ENFPs remain very dedicated towards relationships. Mundane tasks may make these people unhappy. They like new experiences and change in their lives. Other important personality traits that remain associated with people of ENFP personality type include creativity, resourcefulness, spontaneity and passion among others. In the Workplace

Apart from being extremely intuitive, ENFPs are very well versed with people skills. Appreciation from others makes them happy. Since they are full of enthusiasm and energy, they prove to be great leaders. One of the strongest leadership skills of an ENFP is...
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