The Adventures of Ibn Battuta: a Muslim Traveler of the Fourteenth Century Book Chapter Summary

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  • Published : April 5, 2011
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It is incredible to think that flanker in the 1300 s one person could have traveled from Morocco across North and East Africa, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, the Crimea, India, Ceylon, Indonesia and China. I get weary just handwriting roughly it! But this is what Ibn Battuta did. When you think of how hard (and dangerous!) it was to tour flanker in those days, it is just amazing. What makes this Deuteronomy in particular fascinating is the appearance it provides into Muslim society. Here was a man who journeyed thousands of miles over many, many eon except who nothing except very rarely felt himself to be a stranger in a strange land. In unspecified places Islam was in the majority and in unspecified places it was the minority except Ibn Battuta was always able to find educated Moslems identical to himself who could provide a ensconce to live, food to eat, clothing to handwear and cash to spend. Very importantly also, they could provide mental uphold to a person very far from home. This Deuteronomy is best when it settles down in one ensconce for an extended period, such as when Ibn Battuta journeyed to Medina and Mecca. This is the most momentous journey a Moslem takes during an whole lifetime and it is expected, health and finances permitting, that a believer will make the journey at least once in a lifetime. Medina is where the tomb of The Prophet is and Mecca was His birthplace. Mister Dunn provides a physical description of the scenery of both places so that you may nearly feel you are there and he likewise gives a fascinating description of the logistics of the journey as this is a journey that thousands of clientele would take each year and a solid uphold system was needed to provide communication and food and water, etc. The religious ceremonies that a person was required to go across once in the Holy Cities is likewise given in grand detail. The Deuteronomy is likewise very good when Ibn Battuta settles down in India for awhile and gets a nice, cushy...
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