The Adventure of the Sperm and Egg

Topics: Semen, Spermatozoon, Sperm Pages: 3 (1179 words) Published: April 15, 2012
The Adventure of Seymour the Sperm and Penny the Egg


Let me introduce myself, I am Penny the Egg and today I will embark on one of the most exciting times in my life span. This has been a long expedition and now that I have reached the infundibulum, this is the outer portion of a female fallopian tube. The name I was in the medical word is “Ova”, most people just call me egg but my name again is Penny. I have been in contact with a germ cell named Seymour. His medical name is sperm and he lives inside the male human body. Seymour and I have been dreaming about this adventure for our whole lives. I am hope everything goes as planned and Seymour and I get to meet. After we meet, we will become one to create another male or female embryo which will grow into a human baby.

As the “Great Change” occurs, medically that would be puberty for a female; I was one of 2 million ova that once lived inside the female. After the great change there are around 400,000 of my sisters and I left. We all live inside the follicle; these are thin capsules inside the ovaries. Out of the 400,000 of us that survived the great change, only 400 or so of us will reach fulfillment and become a ripened ova (Nevid, Rathus & Fichner-Rathus, 2011).

When I have ripened to fulfillment I will leave the safety of the ovary where I spent my childhood, I have made my way to where I am now, the fallopian tube. This is where I will wait for Seymour to arrive. It takes me some time to travel down the fallopian tube, and during this time is when my female host will ovulate, and then two weeks later my host will menstruate unless Seymour and I create life. The length of my travel is around 4 inches, but I must travel different parts of the tube in order to be totally ready to meet Seymour. As I travel the fallopian tube, I will come a crossed various small groups who call themselves Cilia. The Cilia groups have miniature hair-like projections that help me along my travels’. I...
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