The Adventure of the Speckled Band

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The adventure of the speckled band

1.Some factors that let Mr Roylotts murder go undetected were that when Julia (Helens twin) got bitten by the snake, the bites were so small they could not be seen. The snakes poison did not show up in any tests. Also there was no evidence of any type of murder or accident, so therefore it had seemed like nothing had really accrued during that night and so Mr Roylotts murder went undetected.

2.Helens step father, Mr Roylott murdered Julia by training his snake to head in Julia’s ventilation with connected to both Julia’s and Roylotte’s room. Roylott also had a false bell and whenever he rang the bell it would signal the snake to come back to him using a saucer of milk because Mr Roylotts room was like a safe. The fake bell-pull and ventilator were a means for a snake to enter into that bedroom and bite whoever was in there.

3.Roylotts motivation for murdering Julia then attempting to kill her twin sister Helen was greed. Julia was getting engaged, so she would get some of the income that the mother had left before she passed away, so he murdered Julia so he could keep the money to himself. Then Roylott also knew Helen would have to marry soon too, so he plotted to kill her, but he didn’t succeed. Roylott just wanted to have the income for his own use.

4.Roylotts death concluded to be a result of “indiscreetly playing with a dangerous pet?” Because he liked to collect Indian hazardous pets such as the snake. Roylott trains them and uses them for his own needs. Roylotts death concluded because of his own past actions. He had purchased the snake for his own need and the snake turned out to kill him in the end.

5.The short story “The adventure of the speckled band,” is written in first person narrative. Dr. Watson is the narrator of this novel. Yes, this point of view is effective because Dr. Watson is one of Holmes most trusted allies and Holmes could trust him with both his innermost secrets and his life. Having...
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