The Advantages of Surfing Through Internet in Leisure Times

Topics: Website, Social network service, MySpace Pages: 2 (671 words) Published: October 9, 2012
Many teenagers get bored when they have a lot of spare times but they have nothing to do. Some of them just sleep over the time. They show that they do not appreciate a lot of times they have, whereas with surfing the internet they can do many things such as going online shopping, joining social networking, and joining online studying. So, surfing the internet in leisure times has many advantages for teenagers. Here are some advantages from the less necessary to the most necessary for teenagers.

One of the advantages from surfing the internet that teenagers can get is online shopping. It is interesting activity for them because they do not need to go anywhere and as long as the price of the things that they want to buy is not really expensive because they have not made their own money yet. There are three things they need to go online shopping. The first is the internet, without internet they cannot open the websites of the online shops. Second is money, without money they cannot get the things they want. The last is a bank account; some of the sellers in online shops want the transaction via bank. After having all three things that have been mentioned before, teenagers can buy a lot of things with various kinds base on their interest and the money they have only by clicking the mouse or touch the screen. Then they get what they want. It is interesting and efficient for them, moreover in this era there are many online shops they can find in the internet.

Another advantage from surfing the internet for teenagers is they can join many types of social networking such as joining Facebook and Twitter. From social networking they can get many friends from the closest place until the farthest, from the same town until the different town and countries. They can make friends not only by saying hello but they can also exchanging their knowledge such as about hobbies, works, and cultures. If they from the same town, they can make a club which is consist of people who...
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