The Advantages of Social Networking in the Era of Globalisation

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  • Published : October 6, 2010
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The advantages of social networking for multinational companies in the era of globalization (a critical analysis) Introduction
- Introduction to social networking
-Popular social networking
Main Body
Part 1 The social networking promotes multinational companies. 1.1 Social networking makes people around the world know the company. a.There are millions of people of people using social networking. b.Social networking users have continuously increased.

Part 2The social networking creates the new choice of advertising. 2.1Social networking helps the multinational companies introduce new products and services
a.intelligent choices of advertisement
b.attracting customers’ perception
2.2 Social networking uses lower cost compared to other type of advertisement. a. Social networking is cheaper.
b.Many people can access this kind of advertisement.
Part 3 The world is connected by social networking.
3.1Users from around the world can contact the multinational companies directly. a.There are various contacting ways in a social networking. Part 4 The social networking can create customers’ satisfaction. 4.1 Customers can receive the information from multinational companies. a. Customers can know the progression of their launching products. b.The multinational companies provide news or information to the customers. 4.2 Customers can provide feedback of the products and services. a. Customers’ comments are used to improve quality of products are services. b.Social networking increases the number of customers.

Part 5 Social networking creates economic growth.
5.1 Social networking makes multinational companies wealthier. a.Social networking generates more income for multinational companies. b. National economy will be grown.
Part 6 Social networking decreases the unemployment rate.
6.1 Many employees are required because of social networking. a. IT jobs...
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