The Advantages of Mornachy

Topics: Head of state, Prime minister, Monarchy Pages: 2 (663 words) Published: October 15, 2010
The advantages of the constitution monarchy
-Continuity: elected governments come and go, but the king or queen remains. This continuity makes for stable regime. -Political neutrality: there are benefits from keeping the head of state out of party politics- the crown is above the temporary squabble of the political parties. -Experience: a monarch who’s reigned for more than a few years can have a valuable perspective and deeper knowledge of affairs than a politician who’s only been in power for months. -Overview: both the continuity of the monarchy, and its involvement in the world outside Britain, gives it a valuable overview that is often lacking with other kinds of government.

Constitutional Monarchy: Benefits & Pitfalls
While monarchy in theory may be less democratic(dân chủ) than an elective presidency, it possesses two central features(nét đặc trưng) that rarely are to be found in presidents; while presidents may seem themselves in terms of a limited term of office, with they often being 'retired' from other post into the presidency, monarchy tends to involve(bao hàm) a professional life-long commitment. The very fact that it is lifelong does mean that an experienced monarch has a wealth of knowledge that governments find invaluable. Figures like Elizabeth II or the late King Olav V are seen as possessing an almost enclopedic knowledge of their state's recent history, knowing lessons learned through error by past governments that can be passed on to future governments. The principle downside is the reliance on the hope that each monarch, in office by an accident of birth, is capable of the job. While there are skilled monarchs, there have also been disastrously inept ones, or ones who showed poor judgment; Edward VIII in the United Kingdom, Victor Emmanuel III in Italy, Constantine II in Greece. It is a matter of opinion whether the benefits outweigh the risks, or vice versa 

Monarchy acts as a guardian of a nation’s heritage, a living...
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