The Advantages of Exercising

Topics: Exercise, Energy, Exercise physiology Pages: 2 (505 words) Published: October 17, 2012
i. Greet the teacher and the audiences. Ask the audience “how many of you who really enjoy exercising”? ii. As we all know,... – carries many benefits that will help us lead better lives. (POINT 1) - many people find it hard to exercise because they have their mind set that when it comes to exercise, they must do heavy works. The truth is, exercising doesn’t mean that we must do heavy works such as spending a whole day in a gym and force ourselves to do things that we can’t. Exercise is mainly an activity that requires energy no matter who, where and how we enjoy it. Anyway, do you know that we can burn our calories by doing these physical? So rationally, the more we get up and move our body, the more calories we will burn during the process. We can burn calories by just doing simple chores at home such as running the vacuum cleaner or going up and down stairs or even chewing a gum while you’re watching the television to name a few. It is so easy to do that we sometimes don’t even notice it. (TELL THEM ABOUT THE FAT I GAINED) Since I... haven’t got the chance to be in a gym. Haha, its been awhile now since I last went to a gym in Kuantan and I’m feeling that... I assume that, there’s nothing undelicious or untasty in Kelantan,...
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