The Advantages of Ethical Retail

Topics: Ethics, Sales, Business ethics Pages: 4 (927 words) Published: December 1, 2012
The advantages of ethical retail are as follows:

Higher revenues.
Improved Brand, Business Awareness and Recognition.
Better employee Motivation and Recruitment.

There are several ethical issues to be considered in retailing.

To be a throughly ethical-concerned company, we are going to take some actions to guarantee everyone from the owners to employees in our company know and understand what is ethic and make sure they act ethically during the daily selling practice.

1. Mutual integrity
A mutual integrity environment is expected to establish in our company. Employees are required to be honest when dealing with the business and with their co-workers. While the business,its owners and management should be honest in dealing with them. And our company, including owners and employee are required to be honest and ethical when dealing with customers.

2.Development of ethical standards
Retail salespeople need guidelines on ethical issues. An ethical standards will be developed and posted by the ethical department. Something simple which commits the business and its employees to certain behavior ought to be clearly and complete to provide a guide to day to day decisions. Because it is found that some salespeople are not aware what is ethical issues, what is the the right thing and what is not. Besides some common sense about ethical issues, there are some misconducts will be listed that they may be not realized.

 Charge full price for a sale item without the customers’ knowledge.

Don’t tell the complete truth to a customer about the characteristics of a product.

Sell more expensive product when a less expensive product would be better for the customer.

Don’t offer information to the customer about an upcoming sale.

Make excuses to customers about unavailable merchandise when merchandise is not in stock or is sold out.

Take return from customers when you believe the item should not be accepted.

Give preferential...
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