The Advantages of Coral Reefs for Human

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  • Published : August 10, 2012
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The Advantages of Coral Reef for Human

Coral reefs are among the most ancient of earth`s natural wonders. It is because they are the most biologically diverse ecosystem on the planet. Coral reefs are second only to the great rain forest of the world. Coral reefs are aptly and often referred to as “rain forest of the sea”, because of the diversity marine creatures that llived in coral reef. Many people mistakenly think of coral reef as inanimate rock formations, however coral reefs are actually comprised of living creatures known as coral polyps. Coral reef has various species that produce unique types of coral structures with different colours and textures, such as soft,flexible sea fan, or the hard coral. The difference colour and structure of this, that make coral reefs look beautiful. Besides the beauty of it, coral reef also has many advantages for human. There are at least four advantages of coral reef for human : providing food for many species of fish, providing income from underwater tourism, being the sources of medicine by doing marine research, and providing protective barrier around many islands.

The first advantage of coral reef is providing food for many species of fish. As we already know coral reef is home for thousand species of marine creatures. For example, “The Great Barrier Reef” that located in Australia is home to more than 400 types of coral, which shelter more than 1.500 species of fish and 4.000 types of mollusks. It also serves as habitat for endangered species, such as the sea cow (dugong) and the large green sea turtle. Besides, it is home for thousand marine creatures, it also provides food for us (human). Nowadays, many people like eating seafood such as fishs, shrimps, crabs, squids, lobsters, and clams. There are many kinds of marine creatures like fishes that can be made for food or dish. For example, salmon fish. Salmon fish is usually made for “sushi” or it becomes baked salmon. Japanese people usually...
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