The Advantages of Being Bilingual

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  • Published : February 24, 2011
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In the United States of America, there are a lot people from

different countries of the world. We can find the diversity of

cultural and languages. The most necessary for everyone to

communicate with each other. It is very important to speak two

languages. There are two advantage of being bilingual. The first

benefits is that you can get a job easily and a second advantage is

that you can translate to other people in you r language.

The first reason is that you can get a job easily. Some

companies prefer the workers who know bilingual language. It

meets customers’ demands. You will have more an opportunity to

get a job than some one else does if you know two or more

languages. For example, I applied a job as waitress in a famous

Chinese restaurant in China town in Boston five years ago. The

first question that a manager asked me “ Do you know Chinese”,

and then I said: “ I don’t know”. That manager refused me right


The second reason is that you can translate for people that

speak your language. You can help many things for some people.

For example, you help someone else to read and translate papers

work . It helps them to understand content of

that document before signing. It also lets them know what they are

doing and signing.

You can assist somebody with interpreting in hospital. You help

them to describe their symptoms. From then, their doctor diagnose

more precisely.

In conclusion, when you come to a new country and you have to learn a new

language. It is better for you to adapt to new environment and system as well. You will

have more chances in many fields in work, family, and your personal things…
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