The Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology

Topics: Atmosphere, Oxygen, Ozone Pages: 1 (256 words) Published: April 19, 2013

A.Most of the earth’s water is salt water. In fact, only three percent of the earth’s water is fresh, so try to save water. Have showers instead of baths. Don’t wash dishes under a running tap. Don’t leave the water running while you clean your teeth.

B.When you go shopping, always take a bag with you. Don’t wrap your sandwiches in plastic bags. Most plastic remains under the ground for hundred of years .We can never get rid of it. Put your sandwiches in containers that can be used again.

C.Don’t make a mess! Litter can make your country an ugly and unpleasant place to live in. Wild animals and birds often die when they eat litter that is left lying around. So make sure you put your rubbish in a bin to keep the earth clean.

D.Thousands of trees are cut down in tropical forests every year to make the paper you use. We will soon run out of trees. Make sure you use all the paper in an exercise book before you begin a new one. Put your old newspaper into recycling bins. Use dusters to clean things up. not kitchen paper.

E.Examine the labels on the goods you buy. Make sure they do not contain anything which could harm the environment. Don’t buy aerosol cans that damage the ozone layer in the atmosphere. Look for the label ‘Environment friendly’ before you buy! Don’t buy products that can harm the environment.
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