The Advantages and Disadvantages of School Excursions

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Many schools take their students out of the classroom and school environment for their educational development. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of school excursions.

When schools educate students, one important question they have to consider is whether it would be better to study outside the classroom. This essay will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of school excursions.

One of the main arguments for school excursions is that students who get school excursions are more open-minded than others. When students study outside the classroom, they can see a variety of things and information. Thus they may get different ideas and think in different ways.

Another argument for school excursions is that it prepares students better for the real world, especially the world of work where in general people have to work outside, and school excursions is probably the best way to learn these important social skills.

These arguments may appear strong reasons for school excursions, but there are also reasons to against school excursions. The strongest argument is that it may have a bad influence on academic learning. Learning academic lessons is the main task of schooling. It needs time and practices. To go out of classroom and have a excursion spend too much time and may distract students’ attention form their academic lessons.

Another argument against school excursions is that some of the activities may be danger for school age children, such as climbing, swimming and boating. The school age children do not have enough ability to deal with emergency. Thus some of the activities may hurt them.

Overall the arguments for school excursions outweigh the arguments against school excursions. Education is not only about learning facts and figures but also about learning how to survive socially. School excursions is certainly one of the best ways for teaching this important lesson....
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