The Advantages and Disadvantages of Going Abroad for Further Study

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  • Published : March 23, 2013
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The advantages and disadvantages of going abroad for further studies

As for this topic, I feel envied. As a person who has no chance to go abroad, I will go no matter how. It’s a different experience and it must do more good than bad, at least for me. We’ve lived in China for twenty years so we can broaden our eye sights and we may get some inspiration about life. That’s vital, as far as I’m concerned. Westerns have their own opinions on life value which we may use for reference. Sometimes, we take something too important, you could find it unnecessary when you contact with various people. Besides, communicating with people from different areas can improve your skills of interactions. As we all know, Chinese do not excel in cooperating with others but westerns are good at it. Thus, our common shortcomings in personality can be corrected by the environment. Thirdly, western countries are advanced in science, economy, culture and politics. So many aspects that we can learn and use them to develop our country. Also, we can bring Chinese culture there, which makes more people to know about its attraction. In addition, if you succeed in graduating from famous foreign university, a good working opportunity is waiting for you. You can lead a high quality life and enjoy life better, at least no worrying for the money. If you like, you can live in abroad and make your children get a better education. But every coin has two sides. Going abroad has its advantages which we should take into consideration. Students who are poor in adapting to new circumstances may feel lonely and hopeless at beginning. If this psychology can’t be changed, it may cause serious problems. Some may be addicted to the drugs or choose to drop out. Secondly, you may feel disappointed when you arrive the country because imagination and truth is dollars to doughnuts. You have to tolerate hard conditions such as rough rooms, living on bread and water, worrying about the money and being forced to do a...
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