The Advantages and Disadvantages of College Students Working Part Time

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The advantages and disadvantages of college students working part-time

Intake: Year One. Semester One July 2010
(July 26,2010 – November 6,2010)
Date of Submission: 5 Oct ,2010

In China, we traditionally encourage young people to learn to be independent when they go to the college. They usually work part time and pay for tuition themself. But how about teenagers? Should they have job when they are a student? From my point of view, I think teenagers shouldn't have to work. Teenagers choose to get a job early. Some of them are taking this path because they want to prepare for the next jobs, some of them because they couldn’t handle with the scholar task and others just for having some extra pocket money. Personally I agree with this phenomenon, teenagers should have a job earlier because they would know after how to handle a well-paid job, and some extra money for a teenager is not useless.Many of them choose to work at a supermarket as a shop-assistant because it’s kind off easily, they work only a few hours per day and they receive a pretty good salary. I’ve seen many of my colleges working at Metro or Carrefour and they told me that everything was ok there. On the other side there are students who work at factories, where they could use things that they’ve learnt at faculty, this is much better for them because they would be prepared for their next career and also they also might improve their knowledge a lot by practicing in this way, one friend of mine is studying at Computers faculty and in parallel he is working at a programming institution, his knowledge has increased a lot and he reached in the top 3 in his faculty. In the end I conclude that having a job while you are teen involves mainly advantages and it would help you a lot in your life but only if you know how to combine it with studying and partying.
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