The Advantage of a Network-based Document Management System

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The Problem and Its Background

Technology is the practical application of science and is a powerful tool in the modern society. It increase communication between cultures and within families, improves the quality of education, lighten the daily routines, boost a nation’s economy and rapidly enhance a business’ growth.


Information Technology is a facilitator of business functions. The benefits of a well implemented Information Technology system include efficiency, capacity, speed, scalability or accuracy; these benefits reside with the business function and are measurable in terms of business output. Over the years technology gradually invade the different institutions like medicines and health, entertainment, transportation, communication, household chores, factories, businesses, corporation and education.

The proposed system entitled “Network-Based Document Management System” will be used by all of the company’s employees to manage and secure their files. They will have their own username and password to access the system and the system administrator will be the head of the IT Department. Background of the Study

Muntinlupa Diagnostic Inc. (MDI) was established in October 12, 1995 mainly for the purpose of accomplishing the mission and vision set by its incorporators. Through the years, the company developed more than what the investors and clients expected of it. The introduction of new and advance medical technology did not stop MDI in accomplishing its main goal that is… “To provide highest quality of diagnostics service in the southern part of Luzon, adding more to life.” The corporation, started with the basic cardiovascular and OB-Gyne diagnostic procedures such as Treadmill Stress Test, Carotid/ Vertebral Duplex Scan, Pediatric-2D Echo Doppler.

Seven years laters the corporation transferred to Remenes Center, also along Putatan, Muntinlupa City, to provide Clinical laboratory, Dental Services, Emergency Clinic, General Ultrasound, Outpatient Services and Routine X-ray facilities. With the goal of running a hospital complex at Tagapo, Sta.Rosa, Laguna, the corporation acquired a 4,800 square meter lot along National Highway Brgy. Tagapo, Sta.Rosa, Laguna. 178 square meters of which was made into a one storey building to house the MDI Clinic as introductory phase for the hospital complex which would be known as New Sinai MDI Hospital. MDI Clinic was transferred to Tagapo Sta.Rosa in February 2005; The Local government of Sta.Rosa granted the permit to operate a medical and diagnostic clinic on March 01, 2005. Mission

“To provide a holistic approach to patient care; providing program on wellness and professional specialists for patient.” “To provide modern, tertiary Diagnostic and Medical facilities at sustainable and reasonable cost.” “To put up a Medical Residency Training Program as well as continuing total quality assurance program in patient care.: “To develop programs promoting goodwill and harmony among stakeholders of New Sinai MDI Hospital.”


“New SINAI MDI HOSPITAL envisions to be a modern tertiary medical center to provide the best medical care at sustainable, affordable cost, whose ideal is to serve God and country.”

The illustration in Fig. 1.0 shows the organizational chart of New Sinai MDI Hospital that illustrated the structure of their department and the relationships and relative ranks of its parts and positions.

Fig. 1.0 Organizational Structure of New Sinai MDI Hospital
Conceptual Framework

Conceptual framework is used in research to outline possible courses of action or to present a preferred approach to an idea or thought. A set of coherent ideas or concepts organized in a manner that makes them  easy to communicate to others. It is an organized way of thinking about how and why a project takes place and about how we understand its activities. The basis for thinking about what we do and about what it...
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