The Advantage and Disadvantage of Advertisement

Topics: Propaganda, Lie, Marketing Pages: 1 (261 words) Published: February 19, 2012
The advantages and disvandages of the commercials have long been a subject of discussion among people. The opinions vary from people to people.

Some people think ads have many negative social effects. They think there are many false and misleading advertisements in present-day society. These commercials maybe deceive or mislead consumers.It will waste consumers’ money and time. Perhaps it will harm to consumers. They also think the extra costs of advertising will be passed on to the consunners. Because the cost of ads is built into the product.

However, contrary to these people’s opinion is commercials have more active effects. The advertising produces a good image of a product. It makes more and more people choice this product so that their company can produce more product. And the mass production means lower production costs. It is not only good for the competitors but also in favor of consumers. They think commercials are good for consumers know what kind of product they really need. And they emphasiazed that consumers will lose a great many choices without the commercials. It is not advantage at all to consumers if there are not ads in our world.

In my opinion, ads are more good than harm to our society. Althought some false and misleading ads are real and exists, there are more and more law about that be built.Irrespecctive of what happened , we also have the freedom to choose to buy the product or not. Commercials can not be avoid. It just as a recommonendtion. It is an useful thing.
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