The Adoration of Jenna Fox

Topics: Want, Need, Love Pages: 3 (1179 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Jenna Fox

In The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary Pearson, Jenna Fox, a 17 year old girl, gets in a terrible accident and wakes up from a coma a year later. She eventually finds out the accident caused her to lose her body. Only 10% of her brain is left. The rest is made of Bio Gel and a fake skeleton. The more she learns about this, the more it makes her think about the rest of her life. Jenna's accident makes her question whether she can ever have a normal life.

Jenna’s accident makes her question whether she will have an actual family. In order to have your very own family, you have to be married. Jenna may not have that option, due to her new body. She has a relationship with Ethan, and they are in love with each other. So there is a chance where she could find someone who can love her. When Jenna and Ethan kiss, “everything that is curious and odd and funny and wrong about me disappears” (105). She has a love interest, and Ethan loves her for her. Even if he doesn’t know who she really is, he will still love her. Which is important because if Jenna ever wanted to have a family, eventually she would want to have a child. However, during the accident, only 10% of her brain was saved as well as the rest of her body was destroyed, even the reproductive parts. So when Jenna’s parents told her that when she has a child, she’d understand the sacrifices needed. Jenna got mad because she “can never have a child” (137). In the moment, Jenna get’s angry because she can’t naturally give birth, but she does not even know if she wants to have a baby in her future, never mind finding a proper husband/father to start a family with. If she even wants a family, she has to be able to deal with the one she has now. Jenna and Lily are talking about when Jenna and Ethan kissed and Jenna wants to just “pound on her chest and say, Please love me” (107). She wants Lily to love her, but she naturally should, because that’s what family should always to: love each other. Lily does...
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