The Addergoole Fourteen Remembered for Titanic's Centenary Commemooration 15th April 2012

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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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The Addergoole Fourteen

Catherine Bourke, John Bourke and Mary Bourke were travelling together. All perished.

Catherine Bourke nee McHugh was one of a family of nine children from Tawnagh. Katie as she was known first emigrated from Addergoole to Rochdale England where she worked in the Rochdale Cotton Mills. In 1905 she went to Chicago from Rochdale travelling on the Etruria and arriving on Ellis Island on 16 July. In 1910 she returned to Ireland for a visit, and was travelling back to America with her new husband and childhood sweetheart John Bourke and his sister Mary. They were travelling to Catherine’s sister Ellen McHugh in 66 Ruby Street Chicago.

Mary Canavan perished
She was first cousin to fellow passenger Pat Canavan, she was going to stay with her brother Anthony Canavan in New York. The address she was going to was 236 East 53rd Street New York City.

Pat Canavan perished
Pat was travelling to his sister Kate Canavan at 1512 Diamond St Philadelphia Pennsylvania. His brother had also emigrated to America 3 years before him and he left 2 siblings behind in Knockmaria aged 17 and 13 at the time.

Bridget Donohue perished
Before she left for America, Bridget had worked in McHale’s shop. She promised to send back a ring from America to the daughter of the McHales, Maura. She was bound for Chicago Illinois to her stay with her cousin Bridget Bourke. She left behind 3 younger stepsisters age 9,11 and 13.

Honora (Nora) Fleming perished
She was going to join her sister Catherine at 542 West 112th Street New York City. Catherine had paid for her passage on the Titanic. It was Honora’s 24th birthday on night of the sinking.

James Flynn perished
James was going to join a younger brother Anthony at 236 East 53rd Street New York City to work as a labourer.

Katherine McGowan perished
Katherine had already spent several years in America, where she owned a rooming house at 3241 North Ashland Avenue, Chigago her sister Mary McDermott...
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