The Action Plan

Topics: Tobacco smoking, Passive smoking, Lung cancer Pages: 2 (297 words) Published: April 3, 2011
Goal Action Plan

1. Goal: The goal I hope to achieve is to quit smoking.

1. Type of goal: The goal I hope to achieve is personal, health-related, and financial.

2. Purpose of goal: What I will achieve by reaching this goal is being healthy and having extra money to spend, and not smelling like smoke all the time.

3. Major benefit to me: A list of what benefits I expect to receive after accomplishing this goal are not developing any tobacco related health problems like COPD, lung cancer, or heart disease, and I will be able to buy more stuff my daughter and I need.

4. Benefit to others: My family and friends will benefit by not being around second hand smoke, and being able to go on more family and friend activities when I accomplish this goal.

5. Barriers: Some barriers that may arise to prevent me from reaching my goal are being around others who smoke, stress, driving around, and being bored.

6. Solution: Some methods for overcoming these barriers would be to have friends and family members not smoke around me, find something other than smoking to do when I am stressed, driving around, and when I am bored.

7. Action milestones: Here is a list of checkpoints to aid in measuring progress toward accomplishing my goal.

1. Limit the amount I smoke every day.
2. Get some quit smoking products.
3. Ask my friends and family members to not smoke around me. 4. Find something to keep me from getting bored.
5. I will make my car a non smoking car.
6. I will chew a lot of gum.

8. Overall target date: The target date to my goal accomplishment is going to be August 21st, 2011, my 21st birthday.
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