The Act of Kindness

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The act of kindness

The act of kindness I have done in my life i help my sister raise her Child wind they where young .Wind I was young we live in Greenville Ms. It was me my mother sister and her children I help her watch Them wind they was out side play in the yard or we go to the store. Be kindness is something I pick up alone the way it is reward in some Way like if I see someone struggle I will help and if they see me stuggle they will help me an that is all right with me. So knew matter where I am at act kindness is something

I do wind ever I see someone either me or you in a struggle I’ll away give a help hand.

By Help someone that relative to you give them act of kindness so that one Day went they grow up they would show someone the same act of kindness that I show Them wind they where little like if I see some one About to cross the street and a car is come I would stop them before They get hit by a car or bus or train because it they don’t list they could Get hit and die or hurt .that like someone who said that they was going Show a act of kindness everday .and it you want to see come to park or where every it at and you would come to see if you have every seing A act of kindness then you knew that if could be reward or not but it rellay depend on how you feel for someone

Show a act of kindness is something you do wind you care for Someone .when you are be nice and helpful to someone you
Are show act of kindness because you want to make show
They all right and consen is very conside of you it you did not Care you would not show in act of kindness and some
People would thin your are mean and is not nice
Also went you show act kindness you be very respectful
And helpful and some people like that to they someone
Out ther to watch for them in there time of need.
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