The Act

Topics: Jazz, Duke Ellington, Blues Pages: 2 (346 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Part 1 questions

1. In "Daybreak Express" what happens with the beat of the music and the tempo? The beat and tempo would go high and low. It sounded like a train

2. What mode of transportation was a favorite of Ellington's and is imitated in several of his songs? Ellingtons favorite transportation was the train.

3. What song was the theme song of Duke Ellington’s band? The theme song was “Sophisticated Lady”.

4. What instrument does Ellington use to set the mood or rhythm of some of his songs, such as in Sophisticated Lady? Duke used a piano to set the mood.

5. What does “program music” do? To describe a non-musical image or event

Part 2

1. Find an example of onomatopoeia in "Dream Boogie" and another in "The Weary Blues." In “dream boogie” it says “Beating out” “the weary blues” it says “thump, thump..”

2. Find an example of assonance in "Dream Boogie" and another in "The Weary Blues." Dream boogie: “Boogie Woogie” The Weary Blue; “Mellow Croon”

3. In "The Weary Blues" look at the format of the poem. Notice the lines which are indented. How does this compare to "call and response" used in Jazz? It compares because when something is said there is something else being said.

4. In "The Weary Blues" there are several examples of personification. List at least two examples. 1. Piano Moan…. 2. Slept like a rock

5. In "The Weary Blues" what words set a tone for the poem? What is the tone? the words, Droning, dull, and frownin set the tone of the poem to be sad.

6. In "Dream Boogie" look at the beat of the lines. What happens as the poem evolves? How does this compare with "Daybreak Express" by Duke Ellington? The poem is like “Daybreak Express” because it has a rhythm like the song.

7. Compare "Dream Boogie" with "The Weary Blues." How do the moods of the two poems differ? Dream boogie is more happy and cheerful and The Weary blues is more sad and unpleasant ....
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