The Accounting Software Installation Project Case Study

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Subject Number:Emergency Management

Credit Points:6

Subject Coordinator: Dr Jaya Kandasamy

Subject Lecturer: Peter Garland

Semester/Year:Spring 2007

Prerequisites:Completed a degree course

Co-requisites:Nil, but a basic knowledge of local government procedures is helpful

Anti-requisites:Nil, although some previous experience in local government and emergency management is useful.

This subject aims to teach students the main elements of emergency management for natural disasters and to a lesser degree terrorist attack. Students will understand the principles involved in emergency management, their application and interaction with the disaster recovery process of an effected community after a natural disaster or terrorist attack. The subject also provides insight into planning issues deployed to minimise disaster incidents. Areas of speciality within the emergency management guidelines such as floods, bushfires, etc, will be covered and tailored in each course to the majority of students working backgrounds A practical demonstration of emergency exercise planning relating to a building collapse is also provided.

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Subject Definition

The following information is drawn from the official definition of the subject that has been approved by the Faculty Board of Engineering. It will typically remain the same from semester to semester, except where variations are approved by the Faculty Board.

Subject Aims

This subject aims to:
• Give students a basic understanding of the emergency management procedures used by government for natural disasters; • Familiarise students with emergency risk management principles and minimise risk through planning procedures; • Teach students to be able to plan and conduct emergency management exercises; • Give students an understanding of speciality services in combating an emergency incident.

Contributions to overall course aims

• Develop an understanding of Emergency Management procedures employed throughout all levels of Local, State and Federal Governments. • Develop an understanding of the planning issues used to minimise the impact of a disaster on a community. • Application of appropriate procedures to minimise the effects of a disaster upon a community. • Development an understanding of rescue operations deployed within a collapsed structure.

Summary of material to be covered

Introduction to emergency management: What is emergency management and it common definitions. Who participates in EM and the role of the tiers of government in Australia? Comparison of EM in Australia with other countries in the world.

Elements of Emergency Management: Outlining the six elements and stages of emergency management and their links to legislation and controls. The changing nature of control, the use of internet information and planning to avoid or minimise emergency incidences.

Emergency risk management: the principles of ERM and the use of tools to assess risk and treatment options, so as to minimise risk in the short and long term. The interaction of risk between infrastructure items and the use of continuity planning. The important role of land use is highlighted

Recovery planning and land use planning: The use of recovery plans and land-use planning to prevent or minimise future emergencies. The role of the specialist in EM.

Areas of speciality within the emergency management guidelines such as floods, bushfires, etc, is covered

Learning Outcomes

• Develop knowledge in Emergency Management Procedures
• Understand the roles of the three tiers of government in emergency management • Familiarity with design and planning procedures to minimise risk...
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