The Abyssinian Crisis

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  • Published : August 26, 2012
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The Abyssinian Crisis

The Abyssinian crisis was in the 1930s and took place in Abyssinia (known as Ethiopia today) in Africa. Italy sent in soldiers to conquer the country to increase its colonial empire. The leader of Abyssinia appealed to the League of Nations for help. The League proved ineffective in dealing with the crisis. This had serious consequences for not only Abyssinia but also the survival of the League itself and its principle of ‘collective security’

Italy had already had power over some Eastern African nations such as Eritrea and Somaliland, both of which were bordering Abyssinia. Mussolini had decided for the Italians that he wanted to expand the colonial empire by including Abyssinia. In 1986 Italy fought Abyssinia in the Battle of Adowa, but was heavily beaten by the Abyssinians, despite the obvious superiority in regards to military basses, which created humiliation and shame to the Italian troops. Mussolini was upset and felt that revenge was in order for the Italians, which ultimately set up the cause to the Abyssinian Invasion and they began to have raw materials and colonial trades, which would successfully equip the Italian Military ready to take charge over Abyssinia.

After being very humiliated by such an inferior military of Abyssinia, Italy pursued the idea of revenge, not only to make the Abyssinians suffer but for the Italian people to help keep there minds of the Great Depression of the 1930s and hit Italy very hard. Industries came close to failure they were bought out by the banks in a large bail-out of assets, Italy were on the verge of becoming financially crippled. But by keeping their minds of this Great Depression Mussolini became increasingly ambitious towards domestic and foreign policy, especially to push for revenge after the humiliating loss to the Abyssinians.

In December 1934, Mussolini accused Abyssinia of aggression at an oasis called Wal Wal, which was also another major cause to this...
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