The Abuse of Parents by Their Teenage Children

Topics: Domestic violence, Violence, Abuse Pages: 37 (13381 words) Published: June 23, 2012
The Abuse of Parents by Their Teenage Children
- Acknowledgements 
- Introduction 
- What is Parent Abuse? 
- Who is Likely to be Violent? 
- Who is Being Abused? 
- What is the Effect on the Family? 
- Why is the Abuse Happening? 
- Ending the Abuse 
- Ultimate Goal: Regaining Control and Healing the Relationship  - Help for the Abusive Youth 
- Final Note 
- Bibliography
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Acknowledgements

I am deeply grateful for the exceptional ideas, guidance and support of the members of the Parent Abuse Committee,a sub-Committee of the Committee Against Woman Abuse. Diane Kays, a therapist治疗专家with the Family Service Association of the Halifax Regional Municipality, first identified parent abuse as an issue we should explore. Diane and Glenda Hayden, a therapist with the Avalon阿瓦隆Sexual Assault Centre, provided much of the background discussion and ideas for the sections on counselling and therapy. Darlene MacLean, the Assistant Program Coordinator and Bookkeeper at the Bayers Westwood Family Resource Centre, offered her personal and professional reflections into the problem; Anne Goodwill's sharp eyes kept us from making mistakes, and Linda Roberts, the Multi-Service Coordinator at the Captain William Spry Community Centre, contributed her organizational wisdom and expertise.

I would also like to thank the many concerned parents, professionals and youth who generously contributed time and expertise to this project. Parent Abuse:The Abuse of Parents by Their Teenage Children is based on what they told us. Thanks also to Mary Anne Finlayson, Christy Nickerson and Margo Wheaton for their invaluable input into the research and writing, to Jeanette Tobin, Nova Scotia Drug Dependency, for her expertise on substance abuse, and to Tod Augusta-Scott, the Program Coordinator of Bridges - A Domestic Abuse Intervention Program, for his insight into the issue of responsibility and abuse.  

I also drew on the work of the following people and would like to thank them for sharing their ideas and for their encouragement of this work: Anne-Marie Ambert, a professor at York University, whose books on parenting include The Effect of Children on Parents and Parents, Children, and Adolescents: Interactive Relationships and Development in Context. Jackie Barkley, a clinical therapist with Choices Adolescent Treatment Program, Central Regional Health Board, author of "Reclaiming Our Children: Teachers as Elders" in Daily Meaning: Counternarratives of Teachers' Work and "The Politics of Parenting and the Youth Crisis" in Power and Resistance: Critical Thinking About Canadian Social Issues. Peter Monk, a child and family therapist who conducted research on the topic in British Columbia. His study is titled Adolescent-to-Parent Violence: A Qualitative Analysis of Emerging Themes (Unpublished thesis.) Jerome Price, who works with teens and their families at the Michigan Family Institute and is author of Power and Compassion: Working with Difficult Adolescents and Abused Parents. The project was funded by the Family Violence Prevention Unit of Health Canada and my thanks go to Liette Lalonde for her support of this work.


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twenty years ago, people thought spousal abuse was a rare occurrence. Victims were blamed with statements such as "she must like it or why would she stay?" and "she probably provoked him." Abuse was seen as a private family matter and there were few supports available. Since the issue of violence within families has come to public attention, policies and supports have been put in place and attempts are being made to protect adults from abusive spouses and children from abusive...
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