The Absurd Central Character Belongs to the Absurd World Around Him but, Pathetically and Tragically Attempts to Struggle Out of It Into the World of Humans – and Dies in Despair.

Topics: The Metamorphosis, Gregor Samsa, Frankenstein Pages: 4 (1387 words) Published: December 11, 2012
The absurd central character belongs to the absurd world around him but, pathetically and tragically attempts to struggle out of it into the world of humans – and dies in despair. Nabakov, Lecture on Metamorphosis

Discuss the above statement with reference to at least two texts on your course.


Words vented out of frustration and self pity by the initially kind natured monster in the novel Frankenstein. It could be argued that had Gregor Samsa found an outlet for his rage, perhaps he would not have made the symbolic overnight transformation from man to beetle. Gregor directed his rage and frustration inwards onto himself, while the monster eventually found an outlet for his rage, projecting it on to his creator Victor Frankenstein. The theme of isolation runs deep in these two classic stories. Both characters are failed by their makers and desperately crave love and appreciation. However, despair soon besieged their lives, when that love was not to be had. In this essay I will discuss these characters with reference to isolation, solitude, suffering and hatred.

Gregor spends his days working as a travelling salesman, travelling far and wide in order to pay off his fathers debts. Mr. Samsa lost his business 5 years ago and since then Gregor's ( Kafka, 2005, p 24) 'sole desire was to do his utmost to help the family to forget the catastrophe which had thrown them into a state of complete despair'. However the family began to take him for granted, arguably seeing him as nothing more than a walking ATM and no longer appreciate his noble efforts. ( Kafka, 2005, p25 ) ' the money was gladly given but there was no special up rush of warm feeling'. Clearly this lack of appreciation, solitude and isolation forced Gregor deeper and deeper into himself until the famous metamorphosis occurred.

The monster is created out of Victor Frankenstein's obsession with the secret of life. Standing over eight feet tall and...
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