The Absorbance of Light by Mitochondrial Solution Containing Dpip at 600nm Wave Length

Topics: Chemical reaction, Chemistry, Carbon dioxide Pages: 4 (1276 words) Published: December 6, 2012
In this Lab we used the chemical DPIP to detect the rate of succinate broken down by the mitochondrial solution. We detected the amount of DPIP in the solution with a spectrophotometer and measuring the absorbance of light at the 600nm range. DPIP is a useful chemical to use in this experiment because it goes from a blue color when oxidized to a colorless liquid (Ogura, 281), this is due to the hydrogen ions and electrons released during the transitional step between succinate and fumarate. The three solutions used contained the same amount of mitochondrial suspension and DPIP but varied in the amount of buffer solution and succinate used. It was predicted that the sample with the highest level of succinate would perform experience the most change and the solution with no succinate would experience very little change. These were proven correct in the experiment with the .2 ml succinate treated tube dropping .496 absorbance rate at 600nm from .650 to .154. Meanwhile the tube lacking succinate only dropped .104 absorbance rate at 600nm from .550 to .446. Introduction:

To catalyze chemical reactions, move and maintain homeostasis cells must continually absorb energy from the outside environment, plants do so by obtaining carbon dioxide, water and sunlight, animals obtain it by digesting products from both plants and animals (Reece, 163). As we have learned in class the rate of chemical reactions depends on several factors, the amount of reactants, the amount of enzymes (biological catalysts), the temperature, and the pressure. In this experiment we kept all of these variables identical except the amount of reactants, with less reactants in the system the chemical reaction will decrease in rate and product production. With no reactants at all the chemical reaction should be non-existent (Reece 152-153).

We unfortunately cannot witness the process of cellular respiration with our naked eyes. Thus a spectrophotometer was used, when DPIP is reduced it...
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