The Absolutely True Diary About a Parttime Indian

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The absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian

Chapter 4: Because geometry is not a country somewhere near France Arnold went to high school for the first time. He thinks his sister is good at ruining things. She didn’t do anything after high school, kind of sad. He thinks she’s pretty, but crazy and random. She’s called Mary Run Away. Arnold is worried that Rowdy will hang around with older children and leave him behind or hate him. Arnold was sitting in the classroom of Wellpinit High School with the teacher Mr P, who looks pretty weird. He sometimes forgets to come to school. He receives an geometry book that’s older than 30 years (his mother name even stands in the book) and throws it in Mr P’s face.

Chapter 5: Hope against hope
Arnold was suspended from school. He wanted to hit ‘something’ not ‘somebody’. Mr P came to talk with Arnold about what he’s done. Mr P ‘killed’ the Indian culture, because that was the way of teaching. Mr P apologises to Arnold about he hurt many Indian children. Mr P was young, stupid and full of ideas. Mr P said that Arnold’s sister the smartest kid was he ever had. His sister wanted to be a writer, a romance novel writer. Arnold thinks that’s silly. Arnold wants the pictures, Mary wants the words. Mary stopped writing, maybe because something bad had happened to her. Mr P thinks that Arnold deserves better because he is the smartest kid in school. Mr P tells to Arnold that he has to leave the reservation, because otherwise he’d give up his future. Rowdy doesn’t hurt Arnold because he’s the only good thing in his life. Arnold’s to search for hope. He can’t find hope in the reservation, because he could get killed.

Chapter 6: Go means go
Arnold’s parents think that white people have the most hope. Arnold tells his parents that he wants to transfer schools; he wants to go to Reardan, outside of the reservation. Mary is running away to get lost. Arnold is running away to find something. The members of the reservation are going to be angry with Arnold. They’re going to torture him.

Chapter 7: Rowdy sings the blues
Rowdy is getting mad, while Arnold is telling him that he’s leaving to Reardan. Arnold wants Rowdy to come with him. Their school in the reservation has played many times against Reardan: with no success (they lost every match). Arnold thinks the white children have everything and are everything: they are filled with hope. Rowdy was crying and getting angry; he punched Arnold in the face. Arnold’s best friend had become his worst enemy.

Chapter 8: How to fight monsters
Arnold arrived at Reardan for the first time. Kids, translucent kids, surrounded him. They had much more muscles than him. When he entered the classroom, a gorgeous girl introduced herself: Penelope. He got into some fistfights with boys from Reardan, and he lost of course. He was scared that they were going to kill him. Arnold got into a fight with Roger, a ‘gang’ leader of Reardan. They didn’t follow The Rules Of Fist Fighting.

Chapter 9: Grandmother gives me some advice
Arnold asks his grandmother some advise about what he has to do with Roger, because he just walked away. Grandma thinks Roger respects Arnold. Grandma seemed to be right, because the next day at school Roger was being very nice to Arnold. But when Arnold saw Penelope, she was acting like a bitch. She pretended like she didn’t know Arnold.

Chapter 10: Tears of a clown
Arnold fell in love with Dawn. But she didn’t care a thing about him, but Arnolds thinks he even loves her more that way. She was ungettable for him. Rowdy makes Arnold cry; he says that Dawn doesn’t care about him.

Chapter 11: Halloween
Arnold dressed himself as a homeless guy, he sees that Penelope is wearing the same. They made a deal to spare change for homeless people. On the rez he collected $10, but some guys punched him and took the money. Penelope is very nice to him and Arnold thinks she likes him. He asks rowdy some advice for Penelope....
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