The Absolute True Diary of a Part Time Indian Essay

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  • Published : April 4, 2011
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One thing Arnold does not do is complain. Even though he was "born

with water on the brain", gigantic feet, ten more teeth then normal,

stutter and a lisp, Arnold still doesn't complain though. Just because
he does not complain does not mean he loves the life he was given.
Junior still thinks life would have been much easier if he was white.
He tends to put himself down quit often.

Alexie Sherman illustrates what differences there are between the

Indians and the white people. "Indians covered their private parts

with their tiny hands" (Alexie 11). Saying that Indians have tiny

hands indicates that the whites had bigger hands therefore

meaning that they were more powerful and/or superior over the whites.

Another thing Alexie Sherman shows the readers is that Arnold

has very low self-esteem because he's used to people calling

him retarded so often that he starts to believe he really is. "And

then you'd be wondering why you're reading a story written by

such a retard" (Alexie 4). It shows that Arnold doesn't have

that much confidence in himself and he believes Indians are

treated the way they are because they deserve to be.

Alexie Sherman is saying that Indians don't be live that white

people are truly better then Indians."Some Indians think you

become white if you try to make your life better, if you become

successful" (Alexie 131). This shows how Indians have lost

all hope for themselves and that's probably why they don't even

try to make their lives better, because no matter what they do
they still aren't as good as the Indians. Some of the Spokane

Indians believe if one Indian becomes successful then he is no

longer an Indian but instead a white.

In conclusion Alexie Sherman uses alot of metaphor does/says many things to express

how the Spokane Indians feel about themselves and how they

have low self-esteem. And because of this many Indians think...
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