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Topics: Organism, Homeostasis, Immune system Pages: 3 (622 words) Published: March 31, 2013
4U BIOLOGY 2012/2013
Independent Study Project: Homeostasis, Maintaining Balance

In these investigations, students will be involved in the initiating and planning of a scientific study. You will be performing library research, then designing and implementing a study in which you will record, analyze, interpret, and communicate your research and data. A formal written report as well as an oral presentation of this information to your peers will be required. Students will be expected to demonstrate skill in: - using safe lab techniques

- designing properly controlled investigations to test hypotheses concerning selected variables - describing, recording and interpreting data from the above investigations - writing a formal report of their findings

- preparing and teaching information to their classmates on their study topic

The area of Homeostasis gives opportunity for varied and interesting research. Many different types of organisms are available for study, from invertebrates such as worms or insects, to larger organisms like plants, mice, dogs, cats, horses, or humans. Topics that can be investigated are not restricted to this broad area, but might look at areas such as • homeostatic processes involved in maintaining water, ionic, thermal, and acid-base equilibria in response to both a changing environment and medical treatments (e.g., investigate the feedback mechanisms involved in water balance or thermo-regulation; study the buffering system of blood; investigate the operation of the nervous system or endocrine system; study how chemotherapy affects homeostasis); • the mammalian immunological response to a viral or bacterial infection; • the impact of environmental factors such as allergens on homeostasis within an organism. • physiological effects of drinking coffee or using sports drinks and performance • invertebrate responses to external stimuli (e.g., instinctive behaviour...
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