The Abbreviation of Words in Sms Will Corrupt Our Language

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Short Messaging Service is commonly known as SMS. SMS is slowly gaining momentum as an economical messaging solution. Nowadays SMS has become identical with the text messages sent to a mobile phone. It is a quickest mode of communication and a cheaper way to communicate when compared with outgoing calls, voice messaging or web access. SMS can be sent to mobile phone as a text message without disturbing others around you, while you are busy with an important work, and anywhere else where voice calls may not be permitted. In other words, SMS can be done at any place at any time if you want to. SMS is a text message that can put in up to 160 characters of length that can be sent at one time. All the cellular network providers offer SMS with certain SMS level or text messaging capability and has limit the number of characters can be put into one message. The SMS features and costs may vary according to the plan that suit to individual needs. Many people using abbreviated language to minimize the characters is becomes a trend for most of the people nowadays. The purpose using the least amount of characters is to get the message across to someone else without taking up a lot of time and be more cost saving. The abbreviation of language used for SMS is also known as SMS language. The SMS language does not follow Standard grammar rule and the words that are used are not found in formal dictionaries. It is just a simple and short words to use for communication and the people who use this language will have common understanding amongst themselves.

Literature Review
With today’s advancements in communication technology, mobile phones have become a necessity for social survival and SMS has played a very important role in our daily routine as well as global business generally. But there are people are still arguing that Malaysians have not improved their language skills! In fact they’re getting worse with the advent of new communication technologies and the creation of modern language registers like contracted email and SMS language – the use of short forms, acronyms and abbreviations; the mixing of Malay and English colloquial language and slang. The implication has results the corruption of language and lowers the level of language in spelling of youth writing. According to Prof. Madya Dr Supyan Hussin (2009) SMS language will corrupt our national language if people using it as standard language in the context of official communications, such as in letters, books, newspapers, essays, and official media. Nowadays it is understandable that why people tends to use the abbreviation of words, code-switching, code-mixing and emoticons in SMS. But if SMS language only used in text messaging, informal or unofficial communication and communication between people who can understand the code given, then it should not be considered as corruption of language. In Malaysia, code-switching (Bahasa Rojak) is form part of the Malaysian identity. Recently the government has decided to empower the correct usage of national language, especially in the private sector. For example local TV station, TV3 has changed the name of Karnival Sure Heboh into Karnival Jom Heboh. And recently our Deputy Information Minister expressed his intention to keep “Bahasa Rojak” out of local films. In Malaysia University of Technology Mara (UiTM), Prof Raishah Abd Hamid commented that the spelling used in Yahoo Messenger, GoogleTalk, and MSN Messenger has affected the vocabulary used during the study and wrote the essay. "My own experience is written sentence review found that some students who were familiar with SMS words to do the same thing while studying. The common spelling errors such as use 'U' in place of" You "without realizing it due to too familiar with the daily conversation in cyberspace."

Prof Datuk Dr Nik Safiah Karim had also relate the situation of SMS language in the United States some time ago when a teacher complain do not...
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