The 50 Most Powerful Women

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The 50 Most Powerful Women
Sexism. Misogyny. After all these centuries, it still exists. “Women have to be inferior to men.” That is what has always been said, throughout many different societies. But, times have changed, and society now holds women to a more equal standard. People know this – society knows this – and, thus it has been accepted. There are many different ways to benefit from the increasing equality between genders, and magazines have decided to use this changing view to their advantage. By extolling the virtues of women, magazines, such as Fortune, gains more consumers. Every year, Fortune has an annual ranking of the Most Powerful Women in Business; in 2012, they had "The 50 Most Powerful Women" issue to demonstrate this continuation. The fact that these rankings are on an annual basis makes it more appealing to a more liberal audience, as it demonstrates a constant, ongoing interest on women rather than a temporary interest. By having this annual ranking, Fortune is able to increase their already large audience with those who are interested in women's expanding role in society today.

From the Editor’s Desk concerning “Powerful Women”, the audience is immediately confronted with the reasons why they should read Fortune magazine. Andy Serwer, the managing editor, is able to appeal using ethos when he recognizes that Fortune is “among the few new organizations that still produce top-flight long-form narrative journalism” (Serwer 12). This is one of the few magazines that still produce quality and lengthy articles addressing important societal issues. For people who enjoy reading more of this type of narrative journalism, Fortune is the one to choose. The editor also uses logos to emphasize the fact that Fortune is easily accessible through “three distinct, yet linked, platforms – magazines, digital, and live events and conferences” (Serwer 12). Serwer also emphasizes that Fortune is one of the first magazines on the planet to introduce Fortune...
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