The 5 Leading Causes of the Revolution in French Elaborate on the Sncep

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Author's Profile Dr Nirja Sharma, Guest Lecturer, Department of Buddhist Studies,University of Delhi, PhD from CCS University,Meerut. Has presented various papers and attended international seminars; has also authored 4 books Ancient Indian History, History of India from Earliest times to 1206, History of India from Earliest times upto 600 B.C, Pracheen Bharat ka Etihaas. Presently writing History of India Circa 750-1707 A.D and History of India upto 320 B.C (Hindi).Has over 8 years of teaching experience. Reviewer's Profile Dr. Bhavana Misra, seven years of experience in teaching at graduate and post graduate level. Authored 5 books and edited 25 books of humanities for various publications. In House Content Review Team Dr Shivram Krishnan MCom, MBA, MA (Eco); PGDHE, PGDC, Ph.D; Prof. and HOD, Arts & Humanities and Vocational Sciences Dr. Bhavana Misra MA, Ph.D

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