The 5 Broad Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning

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Assignment 2

Explain the five broad social and emotional aspects of learning.

The five areas in social and emotion development are, self awareness, managing feelings, motivation, empathy and social skills.

Self awareness
- Children should have some understanding about there feelings and how to manage them in an appropriate way. - Be able to feel good about themselves when they have achieved a goal but also know when they are finding things difficult. - Understand they need to take responsibility for there school work/homework and their behaviour. - Be able to explain how they are feeling and why.

- Can express their feelings when they feel overwhelmed by them. - They should also understand that it is normal to experience the different emotions.

Managing feelings
When children have some understanding about their feelings in different situations they may come up with their own ways of dealing with them for example; - Be able to ask for help when they are feeling angry, sad or anxious. - Be able to manage their behaviour and control themselves when being angry and not behaving in a way that can hurt others. - Calm themselves down when they are ready to do so.

- Become aware of situations that make them feel good inside and actively seek more of these opportunities.

Children that are motivated learners are more able to be independent learners. - They are more likely to set their own goals when learning. - Thrive on new challenges and know if these are to difficult. - Be able to ignore unwanted behaviour from other pupils and stay focused on what they are doing. - Are able to except mistakes and try again.

A child demonstrating empathy with show kindness to another person when they are feeling sad. - They learn to take other peoples feelings into account when they choose the way they are going to behave. - Understand that everyone reacts to situations in different ways. - That some people may have different opinions to themselves, and to respect them. - Be able to help others.

Social skills
Children that are able to demonstrate a good understanding of social skills are able to; - Communicate with others in group work, class discussions etc. - Listening to others.
- Be able to keep or break friendships without hurting the other person. - Be able to deal with conflicts in the proper way or ask for help. - Encourage their friends with kind words to achieve there goals.

The five appropriate methods that help pupils recognise and express emotions.

Encourage responsibility
It is important for teaching assistants to encourage all children to take responsibility for their actions. They should also be encouraged to make their own decisions, If children are able to do this it will help them to become independent learners and more able to make the right choices towards their behaviour. Children learn from a young age that they receive praise or rewards for making the right choices. Ways that may help children to achieve this could be;

- To discuss with the children what they think are there weaknesses and strengths at school and ask the children what they think could help them improve. - Its possible that some activities can be completed in different ways for example; the children may be asked to write facts about a subject so they could decide to make a poster or create a leaflet. - Sometimes children need to have time out if they have been conducting themselves in an unacceptable way, using this time to reflect on there actions. Some children may find it difficult to make friendships so it is important that they are offered help with this.

Self expression
It is important that children are supported and encouraged when it comes to self expression. Some children may need to be reminded that the way they are feeling is normal but the way they are expressing them might not be an acceptable way for example; if the child is taking their anger/ frustrations out on another child they...
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