The 4 Different Dog Owners

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  • Published : March 26, 2007
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Almost everyone in today's world has a pet, but the most common owned pet is the dog. Owning a dog is almost like raising a child, there are different types of parenting styles, thus, different types of dog owners. I have classified dog owners into four different groups, based on what I have seen in my life. The four different types of dog owners are the "average Joe", the "neglectful owner", the "obsessive owner", and lastly the "extreme dog lovers". In today's society there are four different classifications of dog owners.

The first type of dog owner is the "average Joe". "Average Joe" is the typical dog owner. "Average Joe" is usually married, and has a child. It is very rare for "average Joe" to be single and living alone. "Average Joe" tends to be a male, not a female. This "average Joe" is the person that walks their dog every morning, or evening around the neighborhood. Anyone can easily spot an "average Joe" walking their dog, especially when the weather is nice. Assuming that "average Joe" has a child, "average Joe" can be found walking the dog, while his child rides its bike, or are getting pushed in a stroller. He can usually be spotted at the neighborhood park playing Frisbee, or a good game of fetch with the dog. "Average Joe's" dog lives in the back yard in the day time, but when "average Joe" gets home he lets the dog in the house for the rest of the day. "Average Joe" takes really good care of his dog. The dog is always caught up on all of its vaccinations, and for the most part is extremely healthy. "Average Joe's" dog will always have a collar on with an identification tag. "Average Joe" most likely has one of those fancy leashes where the dog can heal by his side, or walk about fifteen to twenty feet in front of him, just by pressing a simple button on the handle of the leash. His dog is always well groomed to, you will never find "average Joe's" dog smelling like a garbage can. "Average Joe's" dog can always do basic tricks, such as stay,...
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