The 24 Steps to Romeo and Juliets Death

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  • Published : June 1, 2013
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1The start of this tragedy is the long-term feud between the Montagues and the Capulets. Perhaps Prince Escalus should have sorted this out before the start of the story. 2The fight between members of the two households at the beginning of the story made an already bitter feud worse 3The princes decision to enforce the death penalty only increases the tension between the two families. 4Romeo falls in love with Rosaline, a capulet - he is letting his heart fall for the enemy which is making him weak. 5Capulet starts to arrange a marriage between his daughter Juliet and Paris. 6Romeo gatecrashes the Capulet party, angering Tybalt. Romeo also falls in love with Juliet here, if he had not gone he would not have met her. 7Romeo and Juliet kiss each other, sealing their evil fate for each other as from this point things start to get worse. 8Instead of going home, Romeo decides that he must see Juliet after the party. He breaks into the Capulet property and they profess their love to each other. 9Romeo and Juliet intend to marry each other after knowing each other for less than a day. 10Friar Lawrence agrees to hold the wedding.

11Romeo and Juliet get married without anyone knowing and without proper thought 12Tybalt and his cronies enter upon the Montagues in public and they provoke each other. A fight breaks out. 13Mercutio dies at the hands of Tybalt and Romeo without thinking properly acts in immense anger and kills Tybalt. 14Benvolio confesses what happened to the prince, he should have lied as he was the only living witness - he could have saved Romeo. 15The prince exiles Romeo, which for him is worse then death. 16Romeo and Juliet spend their wedding night together which will only make them long for each other more 17Capulet starts to arrange a marriage between his daughter Juliet and Paris. 18The Capulets force Juliet to marry, confusing her grief to be for Tybalt when it is actually for Romeo. 19The friar arranges a plan which will...
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