The 21st Century

Topics: 21st century, Famine, Our Time Now Pages: 2 (719 words) Published: November 17, 2012
“The 21st Century”

Welcome to the 21st Century, where technology lets you sit down and relax and vaporize the stress and bad thoughts to another world. Today we can't imagine ourselves without the blessings of technology that can help us make our daily lives more enjoyable, less stressful and less painful. It has revolutionised our ways of living, for example, it has helped save the lives of millions of people who had diseases, it has made the running a business more manageable and has helped make our dreams come true. Although some people believe that it has caused more problems than solutions but by my perspective it has given more benefits.

By far, technology is the major driver of economic growth, which has increased by the inventions of the radio, the computer and the car. These +++++++developments thanks to technology have created entire new ways of living. Many people have cursed technology because they have stolen jobs due to the invention of robots and machines but in my point of view technology has increased the amount of jobs available. “Just imagine,you lost your job at a factory where machines have replaced you, where would you go for a job now, well you could choose jobs which technology has made possible such as becoming a software designer, a TV actor, a astronaut, a businessman marketing or designing electronic devices or you could become a mechanic. Etc.”

Communication has dramatically made it easier to get in touch with any person in any part of the world in just a blink of a eye. You can send photos, videos and important files to your friends and family through email. Businessmen can attend meetings with other businessmen by using video conferencing via the internet.

Another field in which technology has become superior is in medical treatment. It has significantly improved the rate at which you can now receive faster diagnoses for many diseases(usually less than three days)than it used to be in the past in which you had to...
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