The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader

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The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader
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A leader is all I ever wanted to be. But wishing to be one and doing something to be one makes a big difference. That is what I learn while listening to Prof. Ace when his discussing about this book. Everyone has a choice, either to be a just a dreamer or a doer. And for me to be able to be the leader I wanted to be, being a doer is my only option. And according to the book, there are 21 qualities a leader must possess. Character| Focus| Relationships|

Charisma | Generosity| Responsibility|
Commitment| Initiative| Security|
Communication| Listening | Self-Discipline |
Competence| Passion| Servanthood |
Courage| Positive Attitude | Teachability|
Discernment| Problem Solving| Vision|

I wholehearted agree that all those qualities are important to make up a very astounding leader, but is it really possible for a person to acquire all those qualities?
This book actually opened my eyes for many things. Like a great leader continually pushes the limits within himself but considers that, successfully meeting the needs of others, is the ultimate test of strength within. 

Taking initiative is something that I believe to be foundational to being a good leader. Without willingness and follow-through to move toward a vision of what can be, success will never follow. Self Discipline was a quality that challenged me to be aware of conquering myself in areas that need to change.  I must continually be evaluating myself, challenging my excuses, and keeping myself focused on the results. The other aspect of self discipline that impacts me is the idea of time. Daily we must _make_ time to do what is important; do what will help us accomplish our goals; do what will make a difference.  

Servanthood is one of the traits that I most desire to exhibit both as a leader and as a person. The root of true servanthood lies in a concern for others, a willingness to put others...
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