The 2012 Presidential Election

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  • Published : October 5, 2011
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The 2012 Presidential Election

With the 2012 presidential election just around the corner, President Obama’s chances at reelection remain full of speculation and interpretation. Although Obama stands at the top of the polls, will he overcome his devastating poll decreases or will the Republican primary knock him out of office?

In 2008, Obama was elected with 67% approval rating giving America hope to better the economy and other crises after the Bush presidency. Today, according to Gallup’s polls, he stands at 39% approval rating, a dramatic decrease. With much of the country disliking what he has accomplished so far, Gallup’s polls also state that only 26% approve of his handling of the economy.

Additionally, Obama’s health care reform stands as the only piece of major social legislation to become less popular after passing. Since his inauguration, Obama’s general approval has been on a constant downward trend and his odds continue to fall, but Obama disagrees.

“Here’s one thing I know for certain: the odds of me being reelected are much higher than the odds of me being elected in the first place,” said the president at a campaign fundraiser addressing concern for the upcoming election. Obama has not placed much attention on his decreasing poll numbers; however, he is actively campaigning around the country for the upcoming election.

On September 7, Obama gave a speech on a new jobs act in Cincinnati. During the speech, he stood near a bridge carrying a major highway over the Ohio River. He called on Congress to pass his plan to hire more construction workers to rebuild America’s infrastructure. “So how can we now sit back and let China build the best railroads? And let Europe build the best highways? And have Singapore build a nicer airport? At a time when we’ve got millions of unemployed construction workers out there just ready to get on the job, ready to do the work to rebuilding America.”

He also told his audience that taxes should and...
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