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The 2012 Election

By | November 2012
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Tegpartap Singh

Who Will be the Most Powerful Man in the World?
Every four years the United States chooses a new president, a new leader to run the most powerful country in the world. The year 2012 is one of those years. As usual there are a plethora of candidates, but only two major ones, the Democratic and the Republican. The Democratic candidate is the incumbent Barack Hussein Obama and the Republican candidate is the former governor of Massachusetts, Willard Mitt Romney. All the information that has been stated previously is common knowledge and almost everyone if not everyone knows it. What people do not know however is what these candidates stand for or what their views on certain topics are. Some of the major topics that the people should know about and that these candidates address the most are the environment, education, and most importantly spending and the budget. Most people however are ignorant of what decisions the candidates plan to make relating to these topics and therefore they are not voting for the candidate who’s stances they relate with.

Since 1990 Carbon dioxide emissions per year have gone up by 20% and sea levels have risen by six inches throughout the world. These statistics indicate that global warming is on the rise and the environment is in serious danger. The United States accounts for 11.9% of all the carbon emissions of the world so environmental change is a serious issue that needs to be addressed (“11 facts”). Democratic candidate Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney differ completely in their approaches to this issue. Barack Obama wants to save the environment through policies and research. In Obama’s term the first national safeguards for cutting down on toxic air emissions from power plants were created (“Our Environment”). Obama enacted the biggest expansion for the protection of wilderness and also created a comprehensive ocean policy to save the oceans (“Issues - Environment”). He also made the United States an...

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