“the 2006 World Cup : Mobile Marketing at Adidas”

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In 2005, Adidas the renowned footwear company from Germany was in a raging war with it’s U.S competitor Nike over market share in the field of football footwear and accessories. In the war over market share Adidas acquired Reebok the prominent company in basketball footwear to further gain a share in the U.S. Nike has also gained a lot of grounds in the field of football footwear by it’s aggressive marketing and sponsoring strategy that included the Brazilian national team and other prominent football clubs like Manchester United among many others. Nike strategy paid off and in 2003 Nike edged over Adidas for the first time ever in the European football market with a 34 percent market share against a 30 percent for Adidas.

The 2006 world cup event that was to be held in Germany, was an event that was not to be missed by Adidas to show the world that Adidas is still on top of it’s game when it comes to football especially that the event will take place on Adidas’s home ground Germany. Being the official partner of FIFA, Adidas wanted to leverage this event to the maximum and connect with its customers using every communication channel available to simultaneously deliver a high brand exposure. As the Company put it in their 2005 global Marketing Meeting: “In the long term, Soccer leadership will decide brand leadership”

By choosing football as the venue to compete against Nike, Adidas deployed it marketing campaign arsenal. The campaign was to have Televised , printed and online ads. The company also wanted to deploy a Mobile Marketing campaign in order to fully engage and reach it costumers.

Looking at Adidas mobile marketing campaign this paper tries to analyze and pinpoint major problem areas and issues. SWOT Analysis
The campaign is benefiting from the world cup craze that accompanies the biggest competition in the football world with over 1 billion viewers worldwide.

The campaign is building upon a strong...
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