The 11th-13th Centuries: Positive Impact on Western Civilization

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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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Today our community argues whether or not the crusades were beneficial to the society. The 11th-13th centuries actually did have a positive impact on western civilization. In argumentation, there are more then one type of claims that state the Crusades were beneficial to society. First off the crusades had a long lasting effect on the Europe society and the world around it. It opened different verity of existence in the world. It benefited in more advance science and medicine of the islamic world. It also gave the European knights and nobles luxuries of appreciation from the east. It open trade routs which aloud more types of items to be descoverd and traded amoungs each other through out both the Muslims and Europeans. The Crusades trade was such a success it affected and motivated others around and near it. Not only did it benefit in trade it also produce a grater impact on the religious belief. Most of the sociteies belief was based on the information that was given by the church. The Crusades had people rethink about the beliefs and what was going on around them. Even though there was much massacures, of thousands of people but at the same time it brought Muslims, Christians and jews by the both sides of agreements and also at the same time created an acceptance toward the jews population it became a widespread in Europe. The Crusades had much war with modern conflict due to the different religious belief. They wanted to take over most parts of the world, wanting to be able to get as far as possable to spred the word and understaning of everything. In addition, the crusades created an additional widespread of learning and achieving much aspecs Also there was much amjority spred of trade throught every part they over powered. The Crusades came into power with different verity of things other had never seen but one the Crusades had made contact with such good others wanted a damand of more items which also caused the Crusades to make more money and grow more...
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