The 11 Points of Laser Coaching

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Abraham Maslow, Motivation Pages: 2 (266 words) Published: March 23, 2013

Eleven Points of Laser Coaching

1.  People aren't broken; don't try to fix them.
2.  The client cannot change another person; they
      can only change him/herself.
3.  Subtract the client's self doubt.
4.  Clients want our partnership vs. our advice.
5.  The client is responsible for the choices they have made in life. 6.  If the client thinks they are in trouble, they are.  About anything.

 - modify that to include this:  If you have any doubt, ask yourself (and ask the client, “Is this really a problem?”)
7.   It's probably not personal (the client's "unique" situation.) 8.   Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs (CU’s Path of Development)       must be satisfied in correct order.
 1) Physiological:  food, drink, shelter, relief from pain   2) Safety and security:  freedom from threatening events or surroundings.  3) Belongingness, social, and love:  friendship, affiliation, interaction,       and love

 4) Esteem:  self-esteem and esteem of others
 5) Self actualization:  fulfill self by maximizing use of your abilities, skills, and potential Coach U’s Path of Development
 1) Restoration:  heal trauma, free of addictions/ compulsions,       incompletions ok
 2) Personal Foundation:  Standards, needs, boundaries etc.  3) Adult:  internally motivated, money and reserve, responsible      for self and life
 4) Attraction:  community, network, friends and family
 5) True Values:  career/work integrated into life, expresses values, values       known and honored
 6) Fulfillment:  peaceful, happy, effortlessness
 7) Legacy:  created and lived, contribution, vision and purpose clear   9.   Converse with the wise part of the client.
10.  Recognize b.s. immediately.
11.  Speak the truth as it occurs; trust your Self.
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